Nathan Ayling

Web Developer

Nathan Ayling

Web Developer

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Hi, i'm Nathan Ayling


Hi, I'm Nathan Ayling. I worked in Marketing for almost 4 years, working as a Junior Developer for one of the top Pet Insurance companies in the UK (Animal Friends Insurance). Working within the Technical Team, with both a Senior and Intermediate Developer. However, I’m currently working for a top Pensions company (Rowanmoor) where I have been working mainly on Front-End Development. However, my current project within the company is making Rowanmoor website mobile responsive from a brand new design from the in-house Graphics Designer.

In these two roles and 5+ years experience in Web Development as a Junior Developer, plus personal projects I work on in my spare time. I’m now looking to progress my career as either a Web Developer or Front-End Developer. Over the years I have used many web development technologies including HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress amongst many others such as PHP & MySQL and feel I’m ready to progress passed a Junior Developer. For more of an in-depth overview, continue scrolling down.


Full Name

Nathan Ayling


24 Oct 1990 - Whinchester, UK


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BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (IT and Business)

Coleg Gwent (2 Years Course) - Completed 2010

Units covered:

  • Communication and Employability Skills For IT
  • Computer Systems
  • Information Systems
  • E-commerce
  • Advanced Database Skills
  • Communication Technologies
  • Website Production and Management
  • IT Technical Support
  • IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Organisational Systems Security
  • Impact of the use of IT on Business Systems
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Skills
  • IT Systems Analysis and Design
  • Client side customisation of Web pages
  • Principles of Software Design and Development
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Digital Graphics and Computers
  • Principles of Computer Networks
  • BTEC First Diploma for IT Practitioners

    QMC (1 Years Course) - Completed 2008

    Units covered:

  • Using ICT to present information
  • Introduction to computer systems
  • Website development
  • Customising application software
  • Database software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • ICT Graphics
  • Work Experience

    Rowanmoor plc

    Junior Developer - November 2014 - Present

    Working within the IT team mainly focusing on the front-end development while tapping into some back-end development projects of various bespoke internal systems for the business including their own custom developed Wordpress site using many different types of skills including, CSS3, SASS, Less, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Wordpress among many other web development technologies. Currently helping to develop their existing site into a fully functional mobile responsive site.

    Animal Friends Pet Insurance

    Junior Developer - December 2013 - November 2014

    I've been working within the Technical Team as a Junior Developer, working alongside the Technical Team Leader who is also the Lead Developer and also with an Intermediate Developer. I work mostly on the front-end development side of things using HTML5/CSS3 for website customisation, whilst also at times dabbing into PHP, JavaScript/JQuery. Being a keen learner in web technology, I've been learning off the more experianced developers picking up PHP, JavaScript/Jquery as I go along. I also have a good understanding of many open-source content management systems. However, day-to-day mostly consists of the following.

    Building Email Newsletters and Promotional templates based on the Graphic Designer designs, coding the emails to meet many of the most popular email client standards, including mobile optimisation. Coding and creation of bespoke landing pages for many different types of marketing campaigns, again following the Graphic Designer designs. Using Photoshop to pull out or to slightly modify any graphics if needed. Editing our Facebook Applications using PHP. Due to an on-going competition we have on our Facebook page, as it needs code changes aswell as MySQL database changes every month. Website builds for both Desktop and Mobile devices along with website testing in all major browsers and on mobile devices. Mobile Websites and Applications. General Website Maintenance and Updates. Wordpress Customisation.

    Animal Friends Pet Insurance

    Online Marketing Assistant - November 2010 - December 2013

    Working within the Marketing team carrying out many web related duties on a daily basis which include the following...

    Extensive HTML/CSS design and creation
    HTML Email Newsletter Design, Creation and Optimisation to meet the coding standards of the email clients and mobile devices
    Working on SEO strategies and website optimisation and reporting to improve the websites search engine rankings
    Creation of Landing Pages
    Maintenance and Creation of Facebook Applications
    Website Maintenance, Builds and Testing in all major browsers using a variety of CMS systems inclduing Wordpress and Concrete 5 and also standalone web applications.


    Professional Skills

    • 70% Complete
      Comunication 70%
    • 40% Complete
      Leadership 40%
    • 85% Complete
      Confidence 85%

    Code Skills

    • 90% Complete
      HTML5 / CSS3 90%
    • 65% Complete
      Javascript 65%
    • 65% Complete
      JQuery 65%
    • 55% Complete
      PHP 55%
    • 90% Complete
      Wordpress 90%
    • 90% Complete
      Twitter Bootstrap 90%
    • 90% Complete
      Photoshop 90%
    • 40% Complete
      SASS/LESS 40%
    • 60% Complete
      Others 60%


    iOS Mobile App and Game Development

    I've only recently started to get into iOS App Development to create small games and applications for the iPhone and iPad which is fun by still way off becoming a pro. I have a few apps in development, with one currently on the App store. However, if you're not like me, a geek and play World of Warcraft then it won't make much sense. iTheoryCraft

    PC and Console Gaming

    Big gamer geek! Previously an Xbox Nut, recently converted PS4 Fanboy! However, PC Gaming is and has always been my number one choice with the ability of custom built gaming PC's to put gaming to a whole new level. I used to have a gaming site ( which has been taken down recently due to time commitments.

    Affiliate Marketing & Web Development

    Just like in work, outside of work I always have many little personal side projects on the go, with always one in development. Most of the sites are small niche Affiliate Marketing sites. With a couple un-related to Affiliate Marketing, but are just personal web apps. However, I've put alot of these on hold while I'm messing around with iOS development.

    Movies and TV Shows

    Everyone loves Movies and TV Shows and I'm no exception! Got to love the odd bit of entertainment when just chilling out! I have also tried reading books. However, I'm still learning to read so for now, it's taken a back seat..

    Sports and Fitness

    While trying to avoid fast food, which I admit, is not always possible. I do fitness! I enjoy mostly every sport, with a few exceptions but to keep in shape (or try to) I do weight training and go for the casual run almost everyday... Almost.

    Socialising with Friends

    Just like most normal people... I like socializing with Friends and Family, whether it's to go our for a drink or just something random.


    I’m always checking out all the latest tech gadgets. Just got myself a Raspberry Pi to learn some Python programming language while messing around with the electronics side of things which Is entertaining.


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    Andover/Salisbury - UK


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    “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

    Napoleon Hill